ESCALATOR FAMILY: harmonic, functional and safe working movement

Being the exclusive dealer ASE introduces Escalator and Passenger Conveyor line from Europe & Far East; these products complete the Company’s production outline, ASE is directly able to grant a so good components quality, mixed together with their installation, so as the further after sale service, allowing these products to be positioned on markets. Looking for reliability and functionality at first.

The Escalator Family choices and technological solutions match two essential fundaments: comfort and efficiency for users on one side, reduction of the installation and after sale times on the other.

The Escalator Family advantages allow facing any architectural, functional and safe working needs; these are the key factors:

Proven and tested performances, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a maintenance cycle reduced to the minimum.

Up-to-date and customized design allowing the client to select both the most appropriate outside cladding and all those details allowing the product to harmonize with the building style.

Energy saving, monitored through a flexible system according to the traffic peaks.

Safety and functionality, exceeding the standard requested from the market

ESCALATORS AND MOVING WALKS: One step further in adaptability

ASE’s range of escalators and moving walks goes one step further in technology, efficiency and adaptability.A wide range of options ensures that each choice is the perfect one, whatever the specific conditions of each case. We offer solutions that adapt to low, medium and high traffic levels, offering an optimum level of performance, in a wide range of circumstances, including shopping malls, underground stations or airports.

Space, passenger traffic and conditions of use, are no longer limiting factors but have become the best indicators for establishing which solution best adapts to your requirements.

Furthermore, the modular design ensures the optimization of the installation and enjoyment of the project, thanks to its capacity to respond to the project specifications.

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