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Elevator modernization is an investment in the long-term value of your building, and in the convenience and safety of visitors and residents. Such an investment can pay for itself by increasing capacity, saving energy, and improving reliability and accessibility. It can also provide more intangible benefits, such as improved comfort and appearance

Drive system

The drive of the elevator includes the most hardworking components. ASE present high effective and reliable own produced geared and gearless motor.


ASE controller based on microprocessor technology and parallel transmission for an easy installation for new elevators and for modernizations. The controller Electra fits perfectly both in electrical and hydraulic installations ensuring full control of the different types of machines, hydraulic systems and door operators. The controller Electra respects EN 81.1 and EN 81.2, environmental ROHS and magnetic compatibility EN12015 – EN12016 standards.

Electrical installation of the lift

One of the best ways to improve the performance of an old elevator is to modernize its electrification system. ASE modernization solutions for elevator electrification increase performance, reliability and eco-efficiency of the lift.


A wide range of materials, interior designs and lighting solutions is available, so you can match the architecture of an older building with wooden paneling in the elevator, or match a modern building with a stainless steel interior and eco-efficient LED lights.

Landing and car door

As producer of car and landing doors we have constructed best possible solution to these products. Out doors for modernization kit are with very compact mechanism and small thickness of the frame – easy to install – telescopic or central opening: we have always solution.


ASE signalization provides a stylish interface, while improving accessibility and convenience. We use for our operating panels LCD displays with alphanumeric character.

ASE Compact – full elevator replacement

When you decide on full replacement of the old lift the most effective solution by improving performance and safety and saving space and energy. This lift modernization is based on ASE gearless machine – dramatically reducing energy consumption – it can cut electricity consumption by 50% compared with a standard lift motor.

Full Replacement of Old Lifts

ASE – Lift Modernization/ Lift Refurbishment/ Full Replacement of Old Lifts

With the most comprehensive maintenance program, all lifts, eventually, require modernization or full replacement. Delaying modernization too long will result in the same detrimental effects that would result from ignoring the maintenance requirements.


Many do not recognize the symptoms of a declining lift early enough to avoid a crisis. Lift problems, such as downtime and slow operation, are obvious while others, such as high energy usage and electrical noise generation, are not Common Symptoms of Imminent Lift Failure

» Long wait times

» High energy use

» Power quality

» Frequent breakdowns

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Long wait times and slow performance may be caused by a defective part, or problems may be caused by the age and overall condition of the lift.

Buildings contain computer equipment [such as PC’s, laptops and photocopiers] sensitive to power fluctuations; any form of alternating current can interfere with the equipment, or cause damage. This is common with older lifts, and is caused by the way the lift drive system utilizes power.


” Obsolete lift components can often be replaced with the modern equivalent “


Not all common issues are as obvious as slow response times or frequent breakdowns. Lifts contribute towards a high proportion of the energy used within a building, without a meter to monitor energy used, few realize exactly how much energy lifts use – especially in high traffic environments.

The most common symptoms of a lift in need of a major overhaul is an increase in service calls. As components wear with age they, require adjustments, often interfering with the operation of the lift, or rendering it unusable until tended to.

How ASE can help:

ASE offer a comprehensive range of modernization and refurbishment packages for all makes and types of lifts. Our engineers can perform detailed surveys of your lifts.


Older lifts often do not require complete replacement, instead we offer modernization packages whereby obsolete components are replaced with their modern equivalent.

Typical work carried out includes:

» Lift car and landing doors

» Improvements to lift control/drive systems

» Aesthetic enhancements

Modernization makes an elevator safe attractive and efficient. The building itself looks modern. Passengers experience good ride and comfort also. It reduces waiting time hence provide peace of mind to passengers.

If you feel that your elevators are getting old, there is nasty sound of machines, speed is getting sluggish or looks bad or awful and there by you intend to change all this?

So you are at the right place. Al Sharif Elevators can change your old Elevator or Escalator to new one. We offer full range of modernization services from redesigning old system, replacement of old part, up gradation of technology to installation of new one.

We can repair your elevators which are not working correctly. Our technicians’ are always ready to provide cost effective resolution to the problem in minimum time.

When Modernization is required?

  • If you are not sure that when you should go for modernization then please go through given below list with the help of this you will have a clear idea that when your lift wants Modernization.
  • If the elevator is more than 10 years old.
  • Looks worn and outdated.
  • Frequently Passengers get trapped inside.
  • Frequent breakdowns.
  • Negative effect on property value.
  • Gives unpleasant noise from machine room.
  • Poor floor leveling and ride comfort.
  • Passengers wait too long in lobby or number of passengers increased.
  • Lift not complies with the present safety codes and standards.

If any one of them or more are true, then Al Sharif Elevators can change old elevator to new one or change the particular part or technology according to requirement. Long term experience of our company will help to make best decision.

Al Sharif Elevators provides   maintenance services through its national network of service centers. We continually focus on technical training, new technologies and development, process refinements and in information systems. So that we can provide better service to our customer 24 x 7 hour.

Our technicians periodically go to lifts installed by our company and check all the factors of lift including working condition of parts, running condition of lift, examination of safety devices and other technical aspects. Apart from our own installations we do carry maintenance works of other brands with our highly qualified technicians and on very affordable low price on annual term basis.

Advanced Technologies

We have experience with all types and brands of elevators. Our network of industry suppliers/vendors ensures that we can supply parts and services for all elevators. Call us for information for your particular requirements for elevator service.

We are using latest technology in our Elevators and Escalators and our Technical team continuously working for technology upgradation so that we can provide you best and latest technology product.


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Reliable Service

Our motto is, “Not only to satisfy, but also to amaze our customer’s”. Our bottom line is: The best elevator service to fulfill the customer’s need. Call and experience the best.

At Al Sharif Elevators we work hard to deliver what matters to you: safe, reliable, and comfortable mobility in your buildings. We are committed to reliable customer services for long term. We feel pride to deliver prompt and professional service to our existing and new customers.

We have hardworking, skilled and knowledgeable customer support team who are always ready for customer service related to modernization, maintenance or new elevators.

We respond to all the complaints or queries quickly and efficiently. More importantly we follow up with the customers till they are satisfied with our services.

Our service technicians are equipped with systematic, training before they are certified and assigned regular field servicing jobs so they can provide best and fast service to our customers.

Contact us today for your next elevator project!