Our manufacturers design panoramic lifts since many years. The adaptable cars are a result of the research in industrial design, material and manufacturing technologies.

In the modern architecture, the panoramic lift is not only a means of transport but, also becomes the dynamic realization of the aesthetic concept of the whole building. Shapes, lights moving colors are an attraction for the users. Panoramic elevators stimulate designer’s creativity and require the manufacture’s ability. ASE takes every challenge in this field with enthusiasm: curved surfaces, straight lines, wide windows, transparent surfaces: the smallest details are followed with great care.

We provide all type of capsule lifts, this can be observatory having the ultramodern design to provide a cosmic zone experience to the passengers, the design provides extremely silent operation. It is also reliable and economical. Widely used in Malls, Commercial, Hospitality industries. This elevator its push interior, soft and silent vertical motion.

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