1.Electric Traction Elevator

MRA Traction Elevators

Rope traction elevators with drive unit position on top, down at the side and on the top at the side of the shaft. A superior combination of flexibility and service.

In the field of traction systems our designers and engineers push their technological creativity to its full potential. Our traction elevators combine the latest digital technology with world-renowned manufacturing expertise to achieve a new level of precision, energy efficiency, safety and reliability. To this type of drive, we use geared and gearless machines with variable frequency management. We use the most modern technology and safety devices to reach the highest level on these types of drive system.

МRL Lift – (Machine Roomless Lift)

MRL Elevator is the most advanced, safe and fast, technological solution on the vertical transport. MRL doesn’t need about any machine room and is suitable both on new buildings and on the existing ones in need of recovery and increase of value. MRL’s wide range is able to cover all possible needs, with speeds between 1 and 2 m/sec, capacities between 350 and 5000 kg, center and side opening doors.

Aesthetically MRL boasts large design flexibility, either when asked to match with the sober and harmonized look of an architectural building or when becoming the main element able to increase the value of a typical building.

The main advantage of MRL is based upon the layout flexibility that, in order to be fulfilled requires just one supporting wall; such a manufacturing feature makes it totally independent from the building structure. MRL can be installed both outside and inside the building.

Reliability and safety are ensured starting from the manufacturing process, inside Monitor fulfilled altogether, based upon up-to-date technologies. The Redundant Safety System is constantly applied on any phase, from the layout drawing to the manufacturing process.

Space saving is reached through a guide rails installation on a single wall, besides an overhead reduced to a minimum of 2.8 meters. Such two key factors make this lift very cheap, both in terms of optimized components disposal and manufacturing costs.

Arrangement: we are capable to provide the best suitable solutions for your lifts no matter what your area is, besides the ones usually requested for traditional lifts.

Energy saving. The dynamic permanent magnets motor function allows a real saving up to 60%, compared to any hydraulic lift, 30% compared to a traditional traction lift, with geared machine.

Quality: Thanks to our total controls on the whole working process and to the most up-to-date manufacturing technologies MRL is being recognized as a reliable and comfortable product on the vertical elevation field, able to satisfy all of the most exigent end user needs.

2.Hydraulic lift

Hydraulic lifts are characterized by the particular versatility of creation which makes installation simple even in pre-existent building contexts. Silent, easy and comfortable to use, they become part of the home, making life in the home easier, but also adding the value of a furnishing.

Customized: Customization is left totally up to the client who can choose each single component. Each part must satisfy the preference of the client whether it be an aesthetic requirement rather than an economic or technical one.

Safe and efficient: Safety and efficiency go hand in hand with the quality of the material. The quality guaranteed by ASE Lifts in the realization and the design makes the hydraulic lifts systems that are suitable for installation in different situations for example in villas, houses, residence building, headquarters and every situation requiring a lift that is both practical to use and with a design style that can be totally customized

The Hydraulic Lift performances are suitable for buildings not exceeding 6 stops, with a speed range between 0.40 and 0.60 m/s and capacities between 350 and 2000 Kg. Top technical features are our index of safety and quality and complete our proposal. Hydraulic Lift is the most appropriate solution when architectural integration and building style values need to be fully harmonized.

Moreover, thanks to our manufacturing flexibility, boasts various aesthetical solutions and finishes: from the traditional up to the panoramic cars, available in different stainless steels or skin plate, matching and integrating with the building aesthetics at all times.

The new MRL Hydraulic Lifts doesn’t need about any machine room: all of what you need is a self-contained cabinet, including controller and pump unit. Such a cabinet can be positioned up to 10 meters far away from the shaft, mainly in case of modernizations, wherever the former machine room space can be recovered.

Last but not least the economic impact of hydraulic Lift: low and accessible costs, both when purchasing a new lift and when maintaining it, without forgetting its easy installation. The technology is suitable both on private (home) and on industrial/commercial buildings.

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